Day 3

Hello Wesleyan Field Hockey fans!  We are checking in after our first day in Belgium!  At 10am we boarded the bus and said our goodbyes to our wonderful tour guide, Chris.  Soon after, most of the team nodded off as we drove through the countryside towards Brugge.  After three hours of driving, the bus pulled into a parking lot and we found ourselves in an area that looked like any old park.  The team was wrong in assuming that this place was ordinary! In Brugge there were old brick houses with ivy weaving up the sides and small cafés boasting “Belgium’s best waffles!”; in the city center, a breathtaking panoramic view of medieval buildings.

When our free time was over, we drove to a local hockey club named Indiana, for our evening game.  Again, we faced strong competitors with individual skill and strong team play.  Nonetheless, Wesleyan capitalized on penalty corners, scoring two goals to keep the final score at 2-2.  Following the game, we enjoyed enormous bowls of pasta in the clubhouse with the opposing team.  More to follow tomorrow from Ghent!


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