Day 2

Hello again to all our followers!  Our final day in Amsterdam was a thrilling one to say the least.  We started off the day with a bicycle tour of the city.  Most of the team would agree that biking through Amsterdam is more challenging than playing field hockey.  Navigating through the busy city streets and dodging pedestrians proved to be quite a challenge for the Cardinals!  The entire group nearly returned our bikes unscathed, but in the last few meters, our very own Patricia Kletcha-Porter was involved in a minor accident.

Happy to be back on our feet, we traveled to a rival hockey club to watch the Netherland women’s championship game.  The level of competition was incredible and the fan base was extraordinary.  Hundreds of people crammed into the stadium with sound makers and memorabilia ready to support their team.  After a thrilling game, we headed back to Amsterdam and enjoyed a few hours of free time.  The team is looking forward to Belgium in the morning!

IMG_7788    IMG_7807


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